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Official Ishiro Honda Website English Version

Welcome to the official website of movie director Ishiro Honda, the man who helped give birth to the Godzilla phenomenon in 1954.
This website will introduce you to the life and works of Ishiro Honda, and you can read testimonials and essays written by Ishiro Honda's many colleagues and collaborators.
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Latest News

Nine  non-special effects films of Ishirō Honda will be shown at Laputa Asagaya from April 6th - June 7th.

There will be a showing of "Gojira no ashimoto no chīsana dorama - kantoku Honda Ishirō no hidamari"  (literal translation: A small drama at Godzilla's feet - director Ishirō Honda's sunny spot) once a day at 10:30am.

April 6 (Sun) - 12 (Sat)          Wakai ki (Young Tree)
April 13 (Sun) - 19 (Sat)        Koi geshō (Love Makeup)
April 20 (Sun) - 26 (Sat)        Oen-san (Oen-san)
April 27 (Sun) - May 3 (Sat)   Kono futari ni kō are (Good luck to These Two)
May 4 (Sun) - 10 (Sat)          Hanayome sanjūsō (Song for a Bride)
May 11 (Sun) - 17 (Sat)        Tōkyō no hito sayōnara (People of Tōkyō, Goodbye)
May 18 (Sun) - 24 (Sat)        Kodama wa yondeiru (An Echo Calls You)
May 25 (Sun) - 31 (Sat)        Tetsuwan tōshu Inao monogatari (Inao Story of an Iron Arm)
June 1 (Sun) - 7 (Sat)           Uwayaku shitayaku godōyaku (Seniors, Juniors, Co-Workers)

Laputa Asagaya
2-12-21 Asagaya kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-0001 Japan
tel: +81-3-3336-5440
(JR Chūō line or Sōbu line to Asagaya station, 2 min. walk from the North exit)

For more detailed information, please visit:
(Japanese page only)

triangle is saddened to report that Mr. Koji Kajita, a long-time colleague of Ishiro Honda, passed away on August 18th, 2013 at the age of 89.

Working as an assistant director at Toho, he participated in numerous film projects, such as "Godzilla", acting as Honda's right-hand-man.  Mr. Kajita directed "Ultra Q", which was Eiji Tsuburaya's very first TV project and later went on to work as a producer for Toho's television department.

Having been a staff member of this official website, we would like to express our sincere condolences and gratitude for all of the great work he has done.


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