Greetings from Kimi Honda (wife)

It has already been 14 years since my husband passed away. Recalling the 54 years we had spent together, I realized that he was always calm and a gentle man. He never yelled at nor scolded aloud either myself nor our children.  If he happened to be at home, he was either reading in his study, writing or watching something. With one project after another, he hardly had any time to go see movies, which he just loved to do. So should he have had any free time, he would go see three films in one day, back to back. He did this even when he would take with him his young son, who was still in elementary school at the time.  He would just go see all of the films he wanted to see. I have to give credit to my son who accompanied him also. He would come home and say, gMom, today's movie was really good!h  gWhat did you see?h  gSHUCHAKUEKI.  (Stazione Termini / Indiscretion of an American Wife)hh???h  I recall thinking gc and you really understood the film, huh kid?h

When shooting got cancelled due to rain, the giant Father and the tiny son would put on their rain boots, and with their umbrellas go to the museum in Ueno. He once came home, laughing, saying, gThey asked me if I was practicing the education of the gifted!h Soon our son graduated middle school, then high school, and established his own world. This was around the time my husband became the busiest in his career. There were difficult days at times. And during times like these, all we needed to do was to keep quiet.

He loved and enjoyed his liquor too, but never by himself. He often had a few friends and staff over, and always seemed to have a great time. Around this time, our son said he was going to become a member of the golf club at the University. My husband said, gIf you can get good enough to golf single in two years time, go ahead!!h And by the time we realized it, he had accomplished this. My husband was very happy yet very jealous...perhaps this was a sorrow of a middle aged man who could not get better no matter how hard he tried. At any rate, he was like half man and half child.

It is very interesting that such a calm and gentle man had nested inside characters such as Godzilla and others. At age 60 when he left Toho and became freelance, our grandchild was around us. Once he went for a walk with his 3 year-old granddaughter, and it suddenly started raining very hard. As I was waiting at home worried, they came back not in a taxi, but soaking wet with large potato leaves above their heads as umbrellas.

Our granddaughter and family then moved to the U.S., and this is when he met up again with Kurosawa-san. As everybody already knows, these were the very happy and fulfilling last years of Honda and Kurosawa.  Around this time, my husband would sometimes say gI had never once made time for you guys. We had never even gone on a family trip together. I sincerely apologize for this.h But the kids never felt this way. They were raised with such big love and freedom that made them very happy.

If one gets upset due to some anger, it only makes things that much more painful. What lives must die, what has shape will eventually crumble. Fatigue is only felt when one gets bored of what he is now doing. My husband has left me with lots and lots of great words, which I often recall. Although he is no longer with us, his presence is still very strong in our hearts.

Kimi Honda (wife)  (November 2006)

Kimi Honda (wife of Ishiro Honda)-(Nov. 2006)