@@uTo Ishiro Honda, My Teacherv Messages
gMothra vs. Godzillah in 1964 was my first time working with Mr. Honda.  It has already been 42 years since.  He was very tall, always had a brown hunting cap on, and was a very gentle teacher.  For us actors who had never met our co-stars (ie, Godzilla and Mothra), we would always act in front of the blue screen.  He would direct us and say things like gHoshi-chan, itfs a big big Godzilla.  So act surprised, okay?h  or gThe Peanuts, who play the tiny beauties, are very cute so please gaze at them with kindness.h  When I saw the finished film, I was in shock.  What a fantastic movie.  When I said gTeacher!  The horrible Godzilla is actually quite cute.h, he was smiling.

Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka, SFX director Eiji Tsuburaya, musical director Akira Ifukube, director Jun Fukudac  They have all now passed away.  They must be gathering with Mr. Honda, planning their next new monster film.

But please donft include me in the cast yet, my teacher, Mr. Honda.
Yuriko Hoshi