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gThe Man Who Came To Porth
It was the year 1952, right after my debut, at my first out-of-town location in Onagawa, a whale fishing base located in Miyagi Prefecture.  I remember the kindness of director Honda for taking me in as a newbie and raising me as an actor, being so happy to be able to work with Mr. Mifune, and the strong smell of whale meat which permeated the entire town.

gMother and Sonh
I am not sure whether this film was just quietly made, or the entire film industry was on cloud nine riding the wave of the boom then.  In either case, I feel director Honda was the type of person who exhibited his specialty best in these sort of low-key, human-interest stories.
I was very nervous to play the only son to Yaeko Mizutani, the leading influential new school figure of the time.  Seeing Ms. Mizutani wearing rain boots during the filming in Tsukijifs fish market was an impressive sight.  It is a shame we rarely have these sorts of opportunities.

I remember this being a very luxurious film with a large-scale location, working together with many veteran and famous actors.  It was hard to imagine a monster created based on a moth, and I recall director Honda trying to explain it to me with a bitter smile on his face.  I never imagined that 40 years later, I would appear in gTokyo SOSh as the same character, just aged accordingly.

This is my favorite out of all of director Hondafs works.  This was a drama about a group of young men and women, composed of a variety of personalities.  Director Honda seemed very lively during the filming, and I think each character was portrayed well also.

Seen from an actorfs perspective, director Ishiro Honda was a type of director who never showed an angry nor unsatisfactory face.  He was always gentle and sincere, the directions he gave to the actors always brought out the best in each actor and their ability, always seeking a very natural performance, and it was very easy to work with (him).

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Hiroshi Koizumi