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My first encounter with director Ishiro Honda was not through an SFX film, but rather on a film titled gSeniors, Juniors, Co-Workersh.  (I was about 20 years old) It was a corporate entrance exam scene, where I played the clumsy, scatterbrain and Akira Kubo played the honor student.  After the test shooting of the first scene, the director said gSaijo-kun, take it at your tempo, make it most comfortable for you!  Give me a performance which will make the audience giggle!h  I performed the scene, and when the director yelled gcut!h, I glanced at him and he gave me an OK with a big smile.

I started to receive uplifting and up-tempo roles after working on this film, which I believe lead me to the role of Ippei in the first Tsuburaya Production work, gUltra Qh.

The opportunities I was given to appear in so many SFX films by director Ishiro Honda and director Eiji Tsuburaya have become such a large asset for me as an actor.

Memories outside of the filming studio include the annual New Years parties at the Honda house with all of the actors and staff, great celebrations where we would drink and eat from morning to evening.

Mrs. Honda would cook up a storm for all of us, making us all comfortable.  Seeing her making sure we were enjoying ourselves made me feel that director Ishiro Honda is who he is because his wife is who she isc

Their son, Ryuji, was my junior at the same school (Seijo Gakuen), so the family really treated me well and cared for me, all to which I am truly greatful.

I can just imagine director Honda with director Eiji Tsuburaya up in heaven, yelling out gAnd action!h.
Yasuhiko Saijo