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(1)  List of memorable Ishiro Honda film(s) you appeared in and the reasons why:

Each work has its own memories and impressions.
It is very difficult to select just one.
If I had to name only one, it would have to be gMatangoh (1963).
Seven men and women get stranded on a yacht, wash up onto a deserted island.  The lack of food and supplies creates a mixture of human ego and desires, leading the group to eat forbidden island mushrooms called gmatangoh, which cause death.  The student character, which I played, ends up being the only survivor and returns to Japan, and in the last cut for some reason it shows proof on my face that I, too, ate the mushroom...it is very scary.
Starting with a very well written script and thorough acting, along with the large budgeted art and props and the group performance of the seven actors, this film was a lot of fun and very worthwhile.

(2)  Episodes during the filming of director Ishiro Hondafs works:

In gDestroy All Monstersh (1968) while filming the shipfs cabin scenes on the space rocket Moonlight SY-3, the captain whom I played would move the control handle levers, to which the co-pilot had to mimic the motions with his levers.  It was inevitable for his action to be a little delayed from mine, but we shot numerous takes to get it right.  We all started cracking up on the film set just thinking about how we were there, supposedly filming something ultra-scientific.

(3)  Memories of director Honda which stayed close to your heart, as well as about the people surrounding the director:

Film directors typically are on the set, yelling, getting angry towards the actors and staff when what he is actually getting does not match what he envisions.  (Director Akira Kurosawa sometimes got this wayc)  I have never seen director Honda getting angry nor heard him raising his voice.  He was so warm and kind.  His gentlemanly character was something very welcoming for us actors.

On filming sets outside of the city, there would at times be dinner gatherings with the staff and cast.  But once a day of filming finished at the studio, it was most common for all of us to go over to the Honda home and start drinking.  (We gathered at the Kurosawa home as well)  At the height of the festivities, director Honda, who was originally from the North East part of Japan, would start singing traditional folk songs with his wonderful voice.  They also had annual birthday parties at the house, and his wife and daughter always welcomed us with kindness.  I have such fond and fun memories of these times.

I think this opening of his website is just wonderful.  When I participated in the 2006 Toho Science Fiction film event held in San Francisco, I was overwhelmed by the passion of the overseas fans.  I hope for not only Japan but the entire world to find out more about the SFX films Toho prides through the great works of director Honda.
Akira Kubo