@@@Episodes with Director Honda Messages
pP Out of all of the Ishiro Honda films in which you appeared, which is most memorable and why?
`P I can not recall any of the titles, but there was one with a scene where I play the drums in order to lure out Godzilla (King Kong vs Godzilla).  Before I became an actor, I was played drums in a US army base band in Kobe, so it was nostalgic for me as I played the role.

pQ Any interesting episodes during the filming of an Ishiro Honda film?
`Q He was such a gentleman.  I was actually surprised because all of the other directors were so demanding.  The flip side is that I felt I cannot betray such a good person, so I put in my all to perform my best.

pR Any special memory of times spent with director Honda?
`R He was absolutely a wonderful man of character, whom I truly respected.

pS Comments on director Hondafs films and his personality?
`S Now that I am 76 years old and looking back, there is nobody I had met who was more fantastic than Honda-sensei (teacher).

pT A message for the launch of this official website?
`T I have been to the U.S. many times, but there was only one time where I was interviewed for TV on the theme of gGodzillah.  At the time, of course, the interview was not about me, but rather all about gGodzillah. 

During the season-opening ceremony for the MLB Florida Marlins, I recall being so surprised to see footage of the original gGodzillah getting shown on the big ballpark screen, I ended up throwing a wild pitch.  I have no idea where they got that film.
Tadao Takashima