@@Memories of My Father, Ishiro Honda Messages

There are two Ishiro Hondas existing within me, Ishiro Honda, my Father, and Ishiro Honda, the film director.

Frankly, my memories of Ishiro as my Father are very scarce.

Recollections from my childhood:
I went to the Meiji shrine with my Father to celebrate shichi-go-san (the 7, 5 and 3 festival).  This alone was an odd occurrence.  Aside from being away at war, he never really went out; all he did was go back and forth between his home in Seijo and the film sets, or at most, either go see films at the theater or visit the museum in Ueno.  So why of all people did he take me to celebrate?  It is a big question mark to this day.  And this decision was proven a few days later to be a mistake when the photo prints of that day came back.  It turns out that my Father had taken every single photo with himself at the center of the pictures.

My Father liked to work on detailed tasks.  He was a self-proclaimed boy of science, which I feel was a bit of a stretch.  For example, he would take everything apart from watches, scales, radios, as soon as anything remotely malfunctioned.  I remember seeing dismembered machinery all over the house.  And of course, nothing ever got repaired.  I recall being asked by my Mother to rebuild a few parts on his behalf.

I do remember getting taken to see films often.  But this became a whole day affair.  I believe we left the house around 9am; he would not say a word.  I would just have to follow him, get on the train, and we would arrive in Ueno.  Naturally, my head fills up with imagining a fun day at the famous Ueno Zoo, my heart beating with excitement and great expectation.  However, such hope was quickly shattered.  Where I was taken is a huge, old buildingc  the  museum!  Again, without any words spoken, he takes my hand and into the museum we went.  The next two hours until lunch were sheer hell for a child.

Lunch was always at a curry & hashed beef rice restaurant called Akatombo, which was located in Yurakucho.  I don't remember ever eating lunch after a film with my Father anywhere else.

And then came time to see the movie!  But once again, I am quickly disappointed.  gTerminal Stationh, gThe Lovers of Montparnasseh, gWaterloo Bridgeh, gCasablancah, doesnft my Father have any consideration for a child?  The voice of his own young son was completely ignored each time.

But in spite of this, the words that come to mind for this man are kind, grand and quiet.
And just a few times a year, before the start of a project and at the wrap-up parties, I had the pleasure of hearing him wonderfully singing his favorite minfyo (traditional) songs.

Ryuji Honda