What were my Father's thoughts
       toward film production? (No. 2)
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I feel that many of my Father’s works have a mysterious feel and have deep underlining meanings to them.

What did this director want to portray in his works?  What was he really thinking?

I think you can say that the mysterious element is there due to the fact that his films were science fiction oriented. Now, by saying this I may upset some of my Father’s fans, but I really don’t think my Father liked sci-fi and mysterious things that much.

More than that, as I had mentioned before, he really liked documentaries and science. Between the real world with its theories and the world of sci-fi, which is of the imagination, it was his task to figure out how to create a world within the genre of sci-fi, which is filled with unlimited possibilities, and to then express this in a very limited environment of visual footage.

I believe he faced many hardships with this.

And as a result, perhaps this is why he left his works with room for accommodating the audience’s imagination.
July 23, 2007
Ryuji Honda