@Joining the Executive Committee Messages
Many of you already know my relationship with Director Honda, so I will not particularly get into that here.  But the fact that people still mention my name gKenji Saharah when speaking about the Godzilla series or the Ultra series, it is a gift, as to form a line with other actors or to be cherished by the director as if I were his own child.  To become a part of the executive committee of the official homepage for my mentor, Ishiro Honda, is an honor.

My role as a member is mainly to gather comments from various actors who were involved in the Honda films, as well as to support promoting this homepage.

The actual contacting of the actors went fairly smoothly, since they are my colleagues.  However, it was a challenge to get them to write comments for the site.  But it made the task less hard to think that I am gathering messages for Director Honda, and it also feels like I traveled back in time and am contacting my peers like I did then.

It has been quite a while since I felt such nostalgic fun, and perhaps it is Director Honda who led me this way.

Also, the executive committee gatherings are all held at the home of Ishiro Honda, so to be able to see gMamah (Mrs. Kimi Honda) is another thing to look forward to.

Just like the director, Mama treated me so well, as if I was her son.  She had given me lots of advice, about both work and my private life.

And now, those of us who gather here are a wonderful group of colleagues, starting with gRyu-chanh (Director Hondafs son, Ryuji) and others who love the Honda works, love film, love SFX, and more than anything, love the personality and gentility of Director Honda.  I would like to continue to put in my full efforts to help this to be the most attractive homepage possible, and to do my best in other tasks I can do and in what is desired of me.

It is very hard to express in words, but I am filled with a grand feeling as if I am working with Director Honda again.
July 25, 2007
Kenji Sahara
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