2011 Marks the Centennial of My Father's Life Messages
15 years have passed since my Father passed away. He had made a total of 46 films in 23 years time.

Looking back now, I feel that perhaps the titles given to him such as gthe director of monster filmsh or gsci-fi directorh facilitate describing his actual philosophies in life.

Words can be very useful, yet at the same time possess a side which can be very inconvenient.
Sometimes the rights words just donft come out when one tries to explain or express something.  It is sometimes very hard to find the exact word, one which matches with the feeling one is experiencing.  I think my Father continued to express and portray gmy (IHfs) concept of mankind, the earth and the universeh using his own sensitivities through the art of film.

As we approach the year 2011, I would like to have all of you recall such thoughts of my Father, and to be able to connect his views into the future.

It is my hope to plan film screenings and a touring talk show in various cities in Japan and the U.S. in 2011. What would you like to see at such a screening? Which work(s) do you feel best represents my Fatherfs feelings? Are there specific works on which you have questions to ask or missed the opportunity to ask or hear answers to?

I would like to invite all of the people who experienced the times with my Father to appear as guest speakers at such talk shows, and along with them, convey to the next generation what was hidden within all of those magical films which the great duo of Ishiro Honda and Eiji Tsuburaya created in the world of Japanese special effects filming.

The proceeds from these events will be donated to a charity which will help solve the current environmental problems we all face today.

May 21, 2008
Ryuji Honda