Memories of Ishiro Honda (Part 2) Messages 
There was always a fresh surprise and a new discovery each time I saw Director Honda.  One such example would be his gincredible memoryh.

Whenever I visited the directorfs home, I was always accompanied by Mr. Yuji Kaida, Takeshi Narumi and Shinsuke Nakajima.  All of them also have such incredible, encyclopedic knowledge and great memory, which constantly made me feel overwhelmed.  The questions they would come up with, especially about particular scenes, were so elaborate and without any hesitation.  They were so detailed, they sounded as if these scenes were filmed just yesterday.

Perhaps this will sound a bit rude, but it was as if they were King Ghidorah, ambushing the three earth monsters (Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra).  Actually, it was a much greater, overwhelming experience.  They would talk about the secrets of special effects filming one after the other.  There would be the three of them, listening with sheer bliss on their faces, and myself, totally stunned by the level of conversation, as if I was in another dimension.  And one day, I was taught the following:  gAdding to an actorfs performance is directing, but that is not the only job for a director.  The director needs to pay maximum attention to make sure all staff, including the actors, can work in the most comfortable environment.  Of course, towards Mr. Tsuburaya as well.h

I was also surprised by Mr Honda's youthful curiosity, particularly his great interest in the sciences.  When we were asked about a topic in recent science that was interesting, I replied, gThe positioning of the innumerable galaxies in the universe was thought to be in a disorderly fashion until now.  But they now found that they seem to actually be densely formed on an orbiter with intervals, starting with the originating point of the Big Bang, just as the planets orbit around the Sun.  Which means, this structure is very similar to the numerous electron shells within an atomic nucleus, and is quite interesting to see the similar figuration between these two maximum and minimum structures.h  To this, with glittering eyes, he said gthat is indeed very interestingh.

With his kindness and eloquence, he charmed others.  With his smile, he made people around him very content.  gA welcoming hearth is the essence of director Honda himself, and I think this is a special characteristic, which can be felt consistently in all of his works.

Only a couple of months after my last visit to his home, he passed away like the wind.  I was informed by a phone call from director Kazuki Omori.  The first thing he said when I answered was gWhat the hell!h?  It was apparent how very upset he was, especially because he had been so looking forward to officially meeting director Honda.

It was such sudden news, and I heard he passed only a week after he was admitted into the hospital.  As dazed and stupefied as I was, I also felt that this brilliant way of departure was very gdirector Honda-esqueh, as if he had calculated to not worry and trouble his family.  His funeral service was held on a sunny early Spring day.  Akira Kurosawa, who acted as the representative for all of this friends, and Toshiro Mifune, who had not made a public appearance in a long time until that day, were shaking each otherfs hands firmly, each with many emotions going through their mind.  When I saw this, I thought gwhat a very tasteful arrangement, very suited for a man like director Honda.  He must be smiling from above right about nowh.

gIf we were to resurrect Godzilla now, I do have some ideas of my own.h  Director Honda said, with a smile.  Unfortunately, I was not able to hear what they were from him.  However, there must be so many people all over the world who feel blessed by the works he had made.  Let us take these blessing and turn them to a sense of appreciation, inherit this feeling, and take action.  This, I believe, will be the best homage to director Ishiro Honda, an unparalleled man of great talent.

October 12, 2008
Shinichiro Kobayashi