Odaiba HD Screening/Restoration of Godzilla (54) Messages
I attended a Fuji TV event called gOdaiba The Movie Kingh in Odaiba, where I saw the HD re-mastered versions of gGodzillah (1954) and gGhidrah, The Three-Headed Monsterh.

In gGodzillah (1954), the mid-range details which have always appeared overly dark, were magnificently revived.  I was even able to clearly see the burn make-up on Dr. Serizawafs face.

The details in the special effects are now more vivid, but more so than that, the richness in the picture making of the main section is now wonderfully recreated, which allowed me to renew my appreciation for gGodzillah, a film which I have watched numerous times.

August 26, 2008
Yuji Kaida