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The Blue Pearl (1951)
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Toho/Monochrome・ Standard/99 min.
Released August 3, 1951
Producer Sojiro Motoki
Director Ishiro Honda
Screenplay ishiro Honda
Original Story Katsuro Yamada
Director of Photography Tadashi Iimura
Art Director So Matsuyama
Lighting Tsuruzo Nishikawa
Sound Choshichiro Mikami
Music Tadashi Hattori

This film marks Ishiro Honda's film directing debut. He was greatly influenced by the people and the natural beauty of Ise Shima (Mie Prefecture), the same location where he filmed the cultural movie 'Ise Shima' just two years previous. He was also inspired for this film by Katsuro Yamada's Naoki Award-winning novel Umi no Haien (Ruins of the Sea). The people around Ishiro Honda, rather than being hopeful of his success, were worried for him working as a director because of the effects of his recent eight years in the military. But not only did he do a fine job, he also created a sensation by developing a system in which the camera could be used to film underwater, the first time this was ever done in Japanese cinema. Beginning with this film, Ishiro Honda would use Ise Shima as a location many times throughout his career because of its beauty.
CAST Ryo Ikebe
Yukiko Shimazaki
Yuriko Hamada
Takashi Shimura
Reisaburo Yamamoto
Kokuten Kodo

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