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Half Human (1955)
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Toho/Monochrome・ Standard/95 minutes
Released August 14, 1955
Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka
Associate Producer Minoru Sakamoto
Director Ishiro Honda
Screenplay Takeo Murata
Original Story Shigeru Kayama
Director of Photography Tadashi Iimura
Art Director Tatsuo Kita
Lighting Socihi Yokoi
Sound Yoshio Nishikawa
Music Masaru Sato
Assistant Director Kihachi Okamoto
Special Effects Eiji Tsuburaya
Optical Photography Hiroshi Mukoyama
Special Effects Art Director Akira Watanabe
Special Effects Lighting Masao Shirota

After Godzilla, another original story from Shigeru Kayama, this time featuring a monster snowman.

Members of the Kei University Climbing Club go on a winter hiking expedition in the Japan Alps, but some of the members mysteriously disappear in a strange incident. The next summer, Takeshi Iijima and Michiko Takeno visit the mountains to try and find what happened to their friends during the winter, but instead they discover a huge creature. They cross paths with the ruthless Oba, an animal broker who wants to catch the snowman and make a fortune by putting it on display. Iijima is saved by the native girl Chika who lives in a secluded village in the mountains. The people in her village regard the snowman as a diety.

Director Honda depicts the snowman as a creature who is equal with humans, both in intelligence and who exhibits the bond of love between parent and child. This is a tragic story when the snowman's love is shattered by the human's evil.
Filming at the Hakuba location in the Japan Alps. To the right of Director Honda is assistant director Kihachi Okamoto.
The same main cast members as for Godzilla--Akira Takarada, Momoko Kochi, and Sachio Sakai
Akira Takarada Takeshi Iijima
Akemi Negishi Chika, the mountain girl
Momoko Kochi Machiko Takeno
Nobuo Nakamura Professor Tanaka
Sachio Sakai Nakata
Kokuten Kodo Tribal chief
Yoshio Kosugi Oba
Kenji Kasahara Kodama
Ren Yamamoto Shinagawa
Koji Suzuki Kurihara
Senkichi Omura Villager
Akira Sera Matsui
Tadashi Okabe Takeno (Machiko's brother)
Yutaka Nakayama Thug
Shigo Kata Villager
Ichiro Chiba Police chief
Kamayuki Tsubono Mountain guide
Shoichi Hirose
Kihachi Okamoto
Haruo Nakajima
Mountain search party

Sagara Sanshiro Monster snowman
Takashi Ito Monster's offspring
At the studio, with the snowman played by Sanshiro Sagara, who was chosen for the role from an audition
Publicity still of Akemi Negishi, the wild mountain girl
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