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A Rainbow Plays in My Heart (1957)
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Toho/Monochrome・ Standard
Pt 1-67 minutes・Pt 2-68 minutes
Released July 9, 1957
Producer Eisaburo Adachi
Director Ishiro Honda
Screenplay Norihei Wakao
Original Story Seiichi Yashiro
Ryunosuke Yamada
Director of Photography Minoru Kuribayashi
Art Director Gan Akune
Lighting Yoshio Tanaka
Sound Kenji Nakaoka
Music Kazu Okumura

This film was based on a hit radio drama which aired for over 200 episodes at the time. The heroine is a rich man's daughter, and she falls in love with an employee of a shipbuilding company. However, their relationship meets with resistance from the girl's father, who loves her too much to let her go. Rivals, complicated family relationships...all these obstacles pull the lovers apart. This is a melodrama with a bittersweet ending, much like Kimi no Nawa (Your Name Is...) and Byokyaku no Hanabira (Flower Petal of Forgetfulness).

The two stars of Godzilla (Akira Takarada and Momoko Kochi) play the lovers. Hisaya Ito plays the lady-killer doctor, Akihiko Hirata plays the president of the company who is in love with the heroine's elder sister. The Honda regulars play a number of melodramatic characters. With clever usage of the standard frame that features symmetrical layout of characters, the composition is quite memorable.
During an outtake--right to left are Director Honda, star Momoko Kochi, and Fumiko Honma (as Nanny)
Direting the scene with Ikuko and her brother driving
A smiling Ikuko tells her disapproving father Shinji (Ken Uehara) about her date
On location at Hakone, conversation between Honda, Momoko Kochi, and Ken Uehara
CAST Akira Takarada
Momoko Kochi
Akemi Negishi
Ken Uehara
Mieko Takamine
Tatsuyoshi Ehara
Yoko Sugi
Yoshio Tsuchiya
Hisaya Ito
Akihiko Hirata
Miki Hayashi
Fumiko Honma
Fuyuki Murakami
Hideo Shibuya
Keiko Mori
Shoichi Hirose
Shingo Yoshida
Takashi Shimizu
Eiko Tachibana
Teruko Mita
Jiro Kumagaya
Matsue Ono
Ichiro Izawa
Directing Tatsuyoshi Ehara (Ikukuo's half brother Jun) and Yoko Sugi (secretary Muromachi)
Staff shot, including the authors of the original story who visited the set
Ikuko finds out the secret of her birth and says farewell to her beloved (Akira Takarada)
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