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Inao Story of an Iron Arm (1959)
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A heroic photo of Inao, who was revered by fans of the Nishitetsu Lions
Toho/Monochrome・ TohoScope/106 minutes
Released March 21, 1959
Producer Sadao Sugihara
Director Ishiro Honda
Editor Osamu Mihara
Screenplay Yoshio Renji
Original Story Ryuzo Kikushima
Director of Photography Seiichi Endo
Art Director Tatsuo Kita
Lighting Toshio Takashima
Sound Choshichiro Mikami
Masanobu Miyazaki
Music Yu Koseki

This is the biographical film of the famous Nishitetsu Lions pitcher in the 1950's named Kazuhisa Inao (playing himself), who created the Golden Age of Japanese professional baseball. It is a heartwarming story populated with nice people and directed by Honda. Highlights of the cast are Takashi Shimura and Chieko Naniwa as Inao's parents. Inao's friendly and warm personality comes across in his performance.

The film starts with Inao's youth, being born as the son of a fishing family in Beppu City in Oita Prefecture. After starring on his baseball club at Midorigaoka High School, Inao joined Nishitetsu. The film covers many episodes in Inao's life, such as his first puppy love, the friendship with his teammates, his relationship with Coach Mihara, and climaxing with the legendary Japan Series of 1958 against the Giants. Through his clutch pitching, the Lions were able to bounce back and win the pennant. The film intermixes newsreel films with scenes filmed with actors and real players (as themselves).
Publicity still of pitcher Inao and his childhood friend Noriko, played by Keiko Yanagikawa
Pitcher Inao and his high school crush, played by Yumi Shirakawa
CAST Kazuhisa Inao (as himself)
Yumi Shirakawa
Takashi Shimura
Keiko Yanagikawa
Tatsuyoshi Ehara
Cheiko Naniwa
Mitsuo Yoshida
Takashi Ito
Haruko Togo
Sachio Sakai
Ren Yamamoto
Michiko Sawamura
Kamatari Fujiwara
Chieko Nakakita
Ko Mishima
Kanta Kisaragi
Fuyuki Murakami
Yutaka Nakayama
Nishimoto Head Coach
Seijun Shimura
Tokuro Konishi
Inao's family and fellow townsfolk celebrating around the championship trophy
Coach Mihara and teammate Nakanishi (as himself) from the Nishitetsu Lions
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