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Seniors, Juniors, Co-Workers (1959)
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Toho/Monochrome・ TohoScope/89 minutes
Released September 13, 1959
Producer Eisaburo Adachi
Director Ishiro Honda
Screenplay Tsutomu Sawamura
Original Story Yuzo Yamoto
Director of Photography Hajime Koizumi
Art Director Yoshiro Muraki
Lighting Ichiro Ihara
Sound Shoichi Fujinawa
Tadashi Shimonaga
Music Kenjiro Hirose

Work speedy, love slowly...that was the motto of Shuhei Hirayama, manufacturing dept manager at Sakura Rayon. He was a single father with three children. Shuhei's senior manager's wife, who loves taking care of other people, tries to play matchmaker for him. His nephew, who wants to be a singer and dreams of making a lot of money in a short time, drags Shuhei into participating in his get-rich-quick schemes. Shuhei is straight, strict, and often times stubborn. People talk about him as if he was a loser, but his kids understand their father better than anyone and show great love for him. One of Shuhei's rookie employees, who he was secretly considering as a candidate for his daughter's future husband, becomes embroiled in a fraud scandal and gets into big trouble.

This is the movie version of an essay by the same title. It shows a positive portrayal of the life of a salaryman who is considered as nothing more than a cog in the machinery. This is a home drama with a stubborn manager and his family as the main characters. The hero is a middle-aged man who is very strict and stubborn, and who possesed the civilian morals of its time period. Audiences can enjoy a warm feeling and laughter with this film.
Star Daisuke Kato as Shuhei, flanked by oldest daughter Yoshiko (Kumi Mizuno) and the rookie employee Taro Nakamura (played by Akira Kubo)
A scene in the Hirayama household's family room. One of the sons (Takashi Kubo--left) was Akira Kubo's actual brother. After he played several child characters, he debuted as a youth star for Nikkatsu under the stage name of Takashi Yamauchi.
Yoshiko, who works for her father's company, tries to support her father's marriage plans. The lady who is supposed to be introduced to him, Michiyo, is played by Mitsuko Kusabue
Staff shot with Akemi Kuji, who plays the senior manager's wife
CAST Daisuke Kato
Ken Kubo
Akira Kubo
Kumi Mizuno
Mitsuko Kusabue
Asami Kuji
Yoshibumi Tajima
Ryoko Koda
Rikie Sanjo
Minnosuke Oda
Haruko Togo
Hisao Hatamochi
Shunichi Segi
Machiko Sakura
Wataru Omae
Yoshiro Sakurai
Jiro Kumagaya
Mitsuo Tsuda
Soji Ubukata
Hideo Shibuya
Akira Yamada
Yasuhiko Saijo
Nadao Kirino
Kyu Sakamoto
Kyoko Mori
Yuko Nogami
Hiromi Mineoka
Eiko Miwa
Toki Shiosawa
Shinjiro Hirota
Toshio Miura
Shiro Tsuchiya
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